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What is a District Leader?

What is a District Leader? 

District Leaders are elected, unpaid leaders within The Bronx Democratic Party. One female and one male District Leader represent each Assembly District in The Bronx. 


Together, with the Chair of The Bronx County Democratic Committee (“County Committee”), all of the District Leaders in The Bronx serve as the Executive Committee of the Democratic County Committee.  


The District Leader seats are up for election every two years.


What does a District Leader do?

District Leaders make decisions that affect everyday Bronxites:

  • Serve on The Bronx Democratic County Committee.

  • Vote on Democratic Party leadership.

  • Vote on the Chairperson of The Bronx Democratic Party’s Executive Committee.

  • Assign poll workers to election sites within the district.

  • Participate as members of the State Democratic Party and select Democratic National Committee Members.

  • Influence policies for the local Democratic Party’s structure and function.


What else could a District Leader do?

  • Act as an ambassador to the Democratic Party and organize, advocate, and galvanize the community around local issues impacting everyone. 

  • Act as a community liaison between the local Democratic Party, the Assembly Districts, and our elected leaders (from Assembly Members and State Senators to City Council Members and the Mayor).

  • Organize Get Out The Vote efforts.

  • Work with the Board of Elections to improve Election Day operations

  • Create a responsive and empowered network of local County Committee leaders to represent Democrats at the neighborhood level. 

If elected District Leader, Abigail will advocate for reforms that make our local democracy a more energized, participatory, and responsive space.

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