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I’m not asking for the rich to foot the bill, I am asking that they pay their fair share. For far too long New York City has squeezed working families and those on fixed incomes, making it harder and harder to live here. Despite the pandemic, multimillionaires and billionaires continue to thrive, while others struggle more than ever. Under the right leadership, I believe we can rebuild an affordable New York that is just and equitable for all. 

Animal Rights

We have a moral duty to care for all living creatures and treat them with dignity.

Arts, Culture &

Public Spaces

Arts, culture, parks, and libraries make NYC a vibrant, livable city. We must bring them back, better and stronger than ever.

Universal Child Care

An affordable NYC cannot exist without access to safe and affordable child care.

Child Welfare System

Early identification of issues that lead to child abuse & neglect are essential to keeping families together

Digital Equity

Universal access to internet, digital devices, and digital skills should be a right, not a privilege.

Criminal Legal System

The criminal legal system should be as small as possible.

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Constituent Services

Constituent services should be exceptional and inclusive.


We must invest in clean energy and resilient infrastructure for economic recovery and environmental justice

Disabled Community

The disabled community should be seen, heard, and lifted up.

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Economic Development

We need to rebuild better for all. We need to focus on the businesses that were hit the hardest.

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The DOE must ensure that every student can meet their full potential.

Food Justice

One hungry New Yorker is too many. We must end hunger for all New Yorkers.

Gun Violence Prevention

Gun violence is a public health crisis.

Health Care

Health care is a human right.

Housing for All

Housing is a basic human right and the anchor to one's life.

Immigrant Rights

Our immigrant community is traumatized and hurting. We need expanded pathways to citizenship.


The LGBTQ+ community should be protected, valued, and lifted up.

Public Transportation

Our public transit system must be affordable and accessible to all.

Public Safety & Police Reform

We need a transparent and accountable police system, fostering a mutually beneficial relationship between police and community members

Seniors &

Aging Justice

Older adults are an invaluable part of our community.

Small Business

Small businesses are the lifeblood of our city.


We must address the needs of our veterans.


Investing in our youth is investing in our future.



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