Affordable Housing

People’s homes are critical to their mental health and physical well-being. It is estimated that over 100,000 of New Yorkers are currently at risk of losing their homes, and thousands more are struggling to pay rent and mortgages as the city faces record-high unemployment. In addition, many working families who own their homes pay more than they should in property taxes, with little benefit in return. At every turn, hardworking families are getting squeezed out of the City. 


Abigail believes all New Yorkers have a right to safe and affordable housing. 



As a working mother, Abigail understands the concerns of parents and grandparents who want the best education for their children. Abigail has seen first-hand the disastrous impact racial and income disparities have on upward mobility and believes equality in education is a significant part of the answer to breaking the cycle of generational poverty.


Abigail is a public school parent and believes struggling schools must be provided with additional resources to ensure all children have the ability to thrive.


Child Care

Too many working parents and grandparents are forced to spend a large portion of their income on child care. Those who cannot afford private child care must rely on family members, or choose unsafe, unvetted child care options.  Abigail has seen first hand the devastating impact being forced to choose unsafe child care can have on a family. 


Now more than ever, New York City must ensure that every working parent and guardian in our city has access to affordable and safe child care.

Public Transportation

The MTA is once again preparing for service cuts and fare increases, at a time when our hardest-hit residents can least afford it. Bronxites deserve public transportation that is affordable, reliable, and that serves the needs of every member of our community.


Constituent Services

As a social worker, Abigail has extensive experience advocating for those in need, and working with complex government agencies to get results for her clients. In these times, the people of the northwest Bronx need someone who will go the extra mile to make sure community members have the support they need, increasing access to critical programs and services.


As your City Council member, Abigail will fight for every person who turns to her for help. She will hire a multilingual staff to make sure all members of our community are heard.