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Abigail Believes in Democracy

At a time when the integrity of our democracy is being tested, Abigail knows it is more important than ever to have strong, bridge-builders in leadership roles who have the energy and commitment to engage every community in the district. 


In the northwest Bronx, fewer than 50% of eligible voters vote in local elections. Democracy only works when everyone has a voice, and Abigail is committed to addressing voter apathy and to expanding the electorate. With so many critical elections ahead, it is now more important than ever to engage voters and to address the issues that lead to low voter turnout.

As District Leader, Abigail will use her voice to advocate

for reforms that will increase participation and

make our democracy more responsive to the people.

Voter Turnout
Democracy works when everyone has a voice. As district leader, Abigail will focus on increasing the electorate so that everyone who is eligible registers to vote. 
Voter Apathy
Less than 50% of registered Democrats voted in the last Primary. Voters have lost faith that the government works for them. This has to change. As District Leader, Abigail will prioritize voter education, civic education, and will improve early voting and Election Day operations to make voting accessible and convenient to all voters.

Increased Transparency
Increase transparency of The Bronx Democratic Party nominations and BOE staffing.



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